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Food Insecurity Grant Program for Independent Restaurants

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MGCC is pleased to announce a procurement for grant applications in the Fiscal Year 2023. MGCC is seeking proposals for the administering of the Food Insecurity Grant Program for Independent Restaurants. The program seeks to provide grants to independent restaurants located in the commonwealth to supply prepared meals and other food products to food banks and other programs addressing food insecurity needs of individuals in the Commonwealth. Funds available for this grant program in FY2023 will be $1,000,0000.


MGCC will accept proposals from not-for-profit organizations currently administering grants and loans to independent restaurants. Program Awardees will administer and manage grants to independent restaurants with the goal of helping to mitigate food insecurity throughout the Commonwealth. Program Awardees will make grants up to $50,000 to eligible independent restaurants. Grants to independent restaurants are intended to support the generation of revenue while supporting programs addressing food insecurity needs. Independent restaurants receiving a grant from the Food Insecurity Grant Program for Independent Restaurants will be required to enter into food provision contracts to supply prepared meals and other food products with institutions addressing food insecurity. 

Programs addressing food insecurity need to include:

  • Food Banks

  • Food Pantries

  • Senior Centers

  • Schools

  • Emergency Food Distribution Centers

Program applications shall identify work plans demonstrating the ability to:

  1. Successfully and independently manage a grant awarding program to independent restaurants.

  2. Successfully connect independent restaurants to institutions with programs addressing food insecurity in their community. Successful connections will generate fully executed food provision contracts between independent restaurants and these institutions.

 Considerations will be given to:

  1. Non-profit organizations with a track record of administering grants and loans to restaurants.

  2. Non-profit organizations with established partnerships with non-profits running programs that address food insecurity. 

Independent Restaurants requesting a grant from your proposed program will need to be:

  1. Independently owned and operated.

  2. Have principal place of business in the Commonwealth.

  3. Defined as a “small business” under applicable federal law.

Independent Restaurants requesting a grant from your proposed program will be required to provide:

  • Request Form (program application).

  • Certificate of Good Standing.

  • Most recent tax returns (at least 2022).

  • Fully executed contract(s).

  • ID(s).


Funds available for this grant program in FY2023 will be $1,000,0000. MGCC will endeavor to assure broad geographic diversity among grantees but will not limit the number of grants awarded per region. Single organization proposals will not exceed $1,000,000.


Grants will be awarded on or before August 2023. Dates are subject to change. Upon receipt by MGCC, all proposals become public documents, to the extent required under the public records law. If a proposal is approved for funding, the proposal and the attached work plan and budget shall become the basis for MGCC’s grant award negotiations with the applicant organization to determine the precise project scope, budget and use of funds. All documents ultimately negotiated and incorporated into the Grant Agreement will be added as attachments, and references to all attachments will be written into the agreement form prior to the execution by the partner.

Grant Agreements will contain a requirement that grantee agencies release names and contact information of clients served under the grant to MGCC for the purposes of outcomes verification and other legitimate uses as defined by MGCC.  Grantees also agree to cooperate with any third-party evaluation that MGCC may decide to undertake of this program. 

Reporting requirements, including deadlines for submission, will also be contained in the Grant Agreement.


Administrative costs associated with the Food Insecurity Grant Program for Independent Restaurants Program may not exceed 10% of the total request.


MGCC Staff will review and recommend proposals for approval. The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development will make final decisions on all applications.  Food Insecurity Grant Program for Independent Restaurants Awards will be awarded by the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation.


Any materials submitted will become the property of MGCC and must be made available for reproduction and may not be copyrighted. Application submissions will be accepted via Submittable Platform.

An application will not be considered if it fails to meet the minimum requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Must be submitted via Submittable by July 3, 2023. 

  2. Completed all application components.

    • Narrative questions.

    • Upload all documents identified. 

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