Boston Business Journal - Letter to the Editor: Small Business is the Critical Engine to the Economy

Apr 01 2016
Boston Business Journal

To the Editor:

The BBJ’s editorial “Don’t forget Boston’s immigrants” (March 18) accurately states that a key challenge immigrant businesses face is access to capital to grow and thrive. The commonwealth is working to address this issue through the “Opportunities for All, The Baker-Polito Strategy for Making Massachusetts Great Everywhere” and through the support of the Legislature. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corp., a quasi-public agency, was created to help small and midsized businesses prosper and has a special focus on immigrant businesses. In fact, MGCC has developed several financial products targeting these unique needs. Our Diversity Goal Support Program enables minority, women and veteran-owned businesses access to capital to meet up-front expenses, equipment and payroll on public and private contracts that have a goal-based diversity component. Both in the city of Boston and around the commonwealth, we are working hard to serve the needs of small business, which is a critical engine of job and economic growth that will flourish in all neighborhoods across the state.

Lawrence D. Andrews

President and CEO, Massachusetts Growth Capital Corp.