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Fresh Food Generation Team

When we say ‘healthy,’ we mean real food — an alternative to fast food and over-processed corner store food.

Fresh Food Generation sprouted from an idea to deliver healthy alternatives to diners seeking easy, on-the-go meals. The food truck and caterer serves Latin American and Caribbean inspired food cooked with locally sourced meat and produce.


With a fresh idea but lacking culinary training, co-founders Cassandria Campbell and Jackson Renshaw needed expertise in food production. They also needed a commercial kitchen to create their menus and support the food truck and catering orders.


Commonwealth Kitchen, a food-business incubator, provided kitchen space and technical assistance to Cassandria and Jack on essentials such as tracking costs and accurate record keeping. Commonwealth Kitchen provided a food scientist to standardize recipes and introduced them to online catering services. At the kitchen, they experimented with menu options and developed production systems.


Aside from long lines at the food truck, Fresh Food Generation caters business luncheons and functions. Cassandria and Jack are committed to local hiring and their staff grew from two to six in a year, and the business operation is outgrowing the incubator space. They will continue working with the  Commonwealth Kitchen to explore expanding into their own kitchen or restaurant.

Fresh Food Generation

Commonwealth Kitchen

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