Cenia and José Paulino

Mariposa Child Care Center, Dedham

Mariposa - Ribbon Cutting

MGCC was the partner we needed to grow our business and put our finances in place.


Mariposa Child Care Center is an immigrant-owned S-corporation created with the goal of bringing Spanish language and culture to the children of Dedham and its surrounding communities. Co-owners Cenia and José Paulino opened the day care center in 2011 at their Myrtle Street location, which initially had only one classroom with a maximum capacity of five children and two staff.


The Myrtle Street location has since grown to consist of four classrooms, 11 staff members and a maximum capacity of 28 children. The business reached a point where it needed to expand and hire more help in order to continue growing.


MGCC was able to provide the financing needed for Cenia and José to expand with a second location on Fairview Street in Dedham, which was built for a preschool program used for over 30 years. The building had been vacant for the past three years.


MGCC’s financing and technical assistance services enabled the business to:

  • Expand into a second location
  • Create new jobs in the Commonwealth - Mariposa’s growth will allow the creation of an additional 11 jobs in the first year
  • Support economic development in its community through the businesses increased revenue
Mariposa - Classroom