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Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) functions as a one-stop resource for debt financing for small businesses.

The purpose of MGCC is to create and preserve jobs at small businesses. MGCC also works to promote economic development throughout the Commonwealth, with special paid attention to business needs in underserved areas and Gateway Cities.

Empowering Small Business

Empowering Small Business is a tagline and brand that emanated from recognizing how MGCC was impacting companies across the Commonwealth. Small business is a powerful economic force, especially when looking at employment and its effects on communities. MGCC is the state’s resource and financier for businesses across the Commonwealth. MGCC accomplishes this by:

  • Building operational capacity and business skills through technical assistance, education and access to capital.

  • Saving at risk jobs and creating new employment opportunities as new or struggling businesses stabilize and grow.

  • Creates public-private partnerships between the Commonwealth and a strong network of nonprofit businesses and development organizations.

We are excited about the prospect of small businesses continuing to make an impact on the Massachusetts economy. Please join us as we endeavor to make this an economic reality. It is MGCC’s mission to empower small businesses through financing and managerial assistance to create economic opportunities for all.


MGCC is a component unit of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts formed in 2010, under Chapter 40W of the Massachusetts General Laws. Chapter 40W effectively merged two pre-existing entities, Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation (CDFC) and Economic Stabilization Trust Fund (EST). The purpose of the legislation was to expand upon the success and mission of the predecessor entities and to re-capitalize to form MGCC.

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