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Economic Development Professionals

Support For Your Community Businesses

Every day, our communities inspire and motivate us as we continue to strive forward on our mission to empower small businesses in every neighborhood of Massachusetts.

We provide business owners with the financial solutions and guidance they need to build a better future for themselves, their business and their community.  

Microlending Operations Support & CDFI Lending Capital Matching Funds Grant Program

Seeking to support the recovery, resiliency, and growth of small businesses, this program provides matching capital to eligible non-profit community-based lenders.

Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program

A competitive grant program for non-profit technical assistance providers.

Small Business Resources

Connecting small businesses like yours to free help from state organizations across the Commonwealth.

World Energy Efficiency Service, Lt. Gov. Polito Holding a Lightbulb

The future is really bright.

Rick Galipeau
World Energy Efficiency Services, Worcester

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